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What do your kids outgrow first tops or bottoms?

That question was put on readers on the 

Tops: being shirts, sweaters, etc and bottoms being (pants, jeans)? 

The poll results were as follows: Tops (40 votes [38.83%]) Bottoms (60 votes [58.25%]) They outgrow tops and bottoms at the same time (1 votes [0.97%]) Other (2 votes [1.94%])

Additionally it appears that it was length of tops and pants and sleeves that children outgrew before outgrowing the width of a garment. 

Many of the Mums observed that they had to buy up sizes, particularly with pants, to get the length they required, which meant that waist became to big. Is your experience the same as this? 

Manufacturers of anything produce for the average, so I was wondering how many people are at the other end of the spectrum and find clothing fitting in terms of width but to long in length? 

I was also wondering how much flex people would require in pants length, that is, if the pants could be lengthened or shortended up to say 3" would that be ideal? 

Love to get your feedback.

Cheers Liz