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An Amazing sewist and personality-just magic

I fell upon Jan of  janssewingsolutions one night when I was browsing the internet, you tube to be exact! She is an amazing sewer and cutter and the way she does her videos, is very casual. You are drawn into her workshop, to watch listen and learn. I swear if you want to learn to sew, watch and listen to her. 

Here is one of her videos where she cuts out a girls dress, there is another videos on how to put it together, she actually has literally thousands of videos on you tube and on her website and I find her inspirational. She makes me want to get up and sew something now!

Hmm, I got totally distracted whilst selecting this video.  I have just watched her sewing a sari blouse together, so relevant..........not!

If I want to get any work done, I need to avoid Jan, she is addictive and so lovely in her frugality.  I just love watching her sew anything.

Check Jan out, you will not be disappointed. so get a beverage/coffee and sit down and watch a craftsperson work her magic.

Need I say, I don't know Jan personally, and I am not being paid to promote her in anyway, but if I am ever in London, I will be tempted to pop in on her. I feel i already know her quite well!!

Cheers Liz