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Hats three ways

This week while continuing to work on my patterns, I also continue to amuse myself with other stuff, (read continued on with Bristols winter  wardrobe). I had seen a lot of  "hats" as distinct from beanies on the internet, so I  picked three and made one of each.

The first one which I have named the "Navigator" (after that film the Navigator by Vincent Ward.) as the hats creator didn't give it a name as such, ( "up cycled boys hats" ) Cheeky ae?!?

The Navigator  looks okay, it got the thumbs up from Dave.

I made it from scrap sweat shirt knits and fleece and the red and white knit  has zero stretch, so I reckon it will fit like a helmet rather than a hat.

I pinked the raw edges on the binding and hand sewed the binding to the hat, for a rustic look and pinked a couple of circles for the  thing- a- me-gig on the front.

The pattern is from I am Momma hear me roar. I'm going to make this one again, in stretchy knits and I will shape it up the sides more as its looks boxy to me.

The second hat is a "bonnet". It was simple and very straight forward to make. Again I made it from sweat shirt knit, that has a little stretch. Looks good me thinks.

The pattern was from Schnabelina found on  Farbenmix.

Finally I made a head band scarf. I tried the one from Kerstin Husovic  as I liked the piece she had put in the middle, between the headband and the scarf, it seemed to give it more shape. Its a very easy make, and I but I am a bit hmm about the end result of this one. I think it's some thing you have to see worn.

I think its the colourways I'm not liking. 

Believe it or not I don't like that floral fabric. It sings old lady to me. I was talked into buying it, talked into making a dress (which was yuk and I tossed) and I think I should just get rid of it finally.

Anyways, the pattern is Prinzessin Aleyna  from Kerstin Husovic  found on  her blog.

But hey, I have not finished with hats yet:

  • The white bonnet needs some embroidery, 
  • And because I can't resist fiddling, me thinks and I think a frank-en hat, made out of the bonnet body and the navigator hat ear flaps piece will probably be my ..... crowning glory!?

Summary: Where to find Patterns

  1. Navigator "up cycled boys hats"  I am Momma hear me roar
  2. Bonnet from Schnabelina found on  Farbenmix.
  3. Scarf headband-  Prinzessin Aleyna  from Kerstin Husovic  found on  her blog.

Cheers Liz

PS all these patterns are supplied by the authors for free / gratis / libre / gratuit