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Levana factory shop Levin specials 1st Saturday of every month

Unfortunately I can not attend as we will be on our way to Opanake to attend a wedding.

But its a great opportunity to stock up for the month, their specials are really special (and I am not being paid to say so).


Levana Factory Shop Saturday Opening

Saturday June 7th 9am-1pm

  • 50% off remnants
  • End of roll specials - while they last!
See you there
36-38 Cambridge Street South, Levin
06 366 0820

Cheers and have a lovely weekend, I hope lots of people make my Maddie skirt, which comes out tommorrow.

Duh to me as I'm away , but she'll be right.

Cheers Liz 

P.S. if you missed this Saturday, email levana and get put on their email list for reminders