Sew grow clothes designed to grow with your children and last more than one season. Vêtements pour se transformer en. Ropa para crecer en. Oдежда для выращивания в. Kleidung hineinwachsen.

What I have been working over the last week

Bristol my granddaughter is visiting from UK next month and its all hands to the pump to get a wardrobe together for her while she is here. As while the UK is in summer, we of course and in mid winter. She's 8 months old, 9 months by the time she arrives and of course she has no appropriate clothes to wear!

Shes only here for 4 weeks, so I have been sewing up a storm sending her Mum samples for size, so that I can sew the rest up to be ready for when she arrives. So this is a what I have been sewing post.

First up there is the jersey, made from Levana remnant nylon and merino mix. My own pattern. I imagine that this jersey/pullover is in fact to big. The rib stretch is such that I should have redrawn the pattern some 40% smaller.

 I have been messing around with ideas for "grow' pants. Its easier to "grow" pants for girls, unisex is a bit harder. In this version I have added a stretchy band as babies and toddlers often have a muffin top or a gap between there pants and shirt, and I have ruched the excess length to shorten the leg, but also give baby/toddler more room around the knee, in what is a straight leg style. Pattern mine, fabrics fleece (Wentworths) and cotton / poly interlock (from stash).

This is just a small tunic top for summer, adapted from an envelope tee pattern from Small dream factory made from remnant from Levana.

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Another envelope tee winter weight, made from jersey. the last ones I made where a bit tight in the wrist area, so I widened in this version and others to come. Pattern from Small dream factory.

Finally kimono top and tights, both my own patterns and made from ~ you guessed in Levana remnants (I love those remnants). I got the tights the right length last time, but unfortunately did not keep a pattern, because I just cut them out by eye, (Jen style) so I expect problems with the length. These are made from  made from a wool and nylon rib (sort of 80% wool, 20 nylon which means less stretch) where as the last ones, which I think she is still wearing were made from 80% nylon 20% wool.) ~ much stretchier.

I'm not sure how the tunic top will fit, given that I have not made one for ages. The applique is my own  design just cut out of fleece and sewn on. There is a loose thread in the photo which is annoying me! Sorry, these things are always done in such a hurry.

Well these samples are off to the UK, lets hope a few are sized right!
Thank you for looking

Cheers Liz