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baby dribble catchers

Awgh teething, it can be one of the most miserable periods of a babys little life. Thankfully no one ever remembers it. But bibs, those sodden pieces of cloth draped around a babies neck are so neccessary to collect the dribble and keep clothing dry.

Some bibs are betters than others, in soaking up the wetness and staying good looking. I personally like the infinity scarf looking bibs, or dribble catches as I have called them.

I don't know if there are acres of patterns out there for these as I have not looked. I just played around with a piece of fabric till I got the size and shape I liked, and, I thought would look the best for the longest. And then I looked for fabric that had good absorbancy and drying qualities and can up with these.

All made from scrap fabric outer, and fleece cotton inner from a Levana factory off cut. I chose the fleece cotton based on the fabrics used in cloth nappies. If I had not had the cotton fleece, I would have used poly fleece. Both as I understand it have excellent moisture wicking properties. Just what you need in a dribble catcher. I used hook and eye closure, as these are reclaimable and recyclable. You could also use velcro as a closure or a button and hoop or snaps.

hook and eye closure

View of inside and how it sits around a babys neck

lined with absorbent fleece

Catcher sits up high under the chin and hides the wet mess behind.

The wetness collects inside the bottom, very cowl like in shape and drape
Will post some directions on how to make later in week. Meanwhile, I am taking some pleasure in the fact that I think my photo taking maybe getting better.

Cheers Liz