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Made this week- coats and hats

When you come to New Zealand at this time of year you need coats and hats. So I made coats and hats for our little girl who starts her New Zealand visit in Christchurch on the South Island and then moves up to the North Island for the rest of her trip.

First a vest made from recycled blanket - pattern mine

The vest has a Peter pan collar with collar separating front and back.

Toggle and button closure, with 2 pockets, for decoration

I made a separate hood primarily because Bristol is not that keen on hats / hoods but also I thought it would add to the versatility of the pieces. Instead of the traditional ties in a bow under chin for the hood, I put a toggle. Unfortunately I cut the vest quite large and took it in by moving the buttons across. That's why the front collars fold over each other. The vest will fit for ever

The coat is more lady like, with pleats front and back, gathered sleeves and a Peter pan collar that goes around the neck completely in one piece. Pattern mine, fabric cotton fleece. Buttons home made, years ago from fimo. Not sure they still make it, but it made good buttons.

I again made a separate hood, but this one ties in normal manner.

I actually made one further jacket for the record, it was based on a Cinderella zwergen mode pattern Anastasia.

This was a quick pic for bristols Mum. so sorry for the quality. I did not take pick for the blog. But its a great pattern I have made heaps of these jackets over the years. this Jacket/tunic is made from wool and I left the fabric tasselled edging on the hood, sleeves and bottom edging.

So hopefully we have enough in the way of jackets and coats for all the different climates Bristol will experiance.

Cheers Liz

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