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my mother is dying and she will pass shortly. She has had Alzheimer's, a sad disease which takes away the person and often, sadly divides families in a way that other diseases do not.

I am not sad, as Mums passing will be a happy release for her, and she is seemingly unaware of what is happening to her. Its been a journey of five years for us, traveling this rickety rocky path with Mum. There have been good times, (yes there can be good times) and truly bad times, and I don't regret the decision we made to look after Mum at home. Thank you Dave for coming on this journey with me and supporting me. Thanks to Albert and Amy for your support.

To anyone making this journey themselves I can highly recommend as being an excellent source of information  and support for everyone, anywhere. They saved my sanity a number of times over the years with information and support, never judging as I ranted and raved about the injustices or theorised as to why this or that happened. These people know Alzheimer because they have Alzheimer's, or have looked after someone with it or are in the midst of looking after some one.

The link is on my blog list.

Kind regards Liz