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2) Drawing Fatimas pattern PART 2 plus video versions

Continuing on from yesterday


The screenshot below is an image of where we are going. Having now copied the pattern I have some reservations about the measurements for the armhole. I will address this when we get there. Meanwhile lets get drawing.


Find the 0,0 co ordinate/point on your  drawing sheet. I have put a star by it in the screen shot below.

Find this tool on the left hand t o o l bar
Double click on it, and take your curser with the tool to point 0,0 (looks like a old style pen). click on point 0,0 and run horizontally along until you get to  point 0,35cm (pattern says straight line across bottom for 35 cm. Double click to release the tool. Do not worry if you do not have a straight line or you have not actually reached 35cm across, we will tidy that up in the next step.

If you look closely at mine you will see that my bottom line is at 0,36cm, and that its not totally straight, which would show up on a printed pattern badly. So we need to straighten the line and end it at 35cms. This can be done a number of ways, but I will show you the one that I will use consistently in these tutorials.

Find this tool on your left hand tool bar

Click on it, and move the curser to your line, and double click on the middle of the line, you should end up with 2 points being highlighted at each end.
You can manipulate you line using those 2 points, to lengthen or shorten the line to achieve 35cm, and move the line up and down. Get it roughly right

 Find this tool on your left hand tool bar and click on it and look at the co ordinates bar at the top of your page.
co ordinates bar
Your need your co ordinates to be as above. You can do this by continuing to adjust your line or by over typing the co ordinates to those you need, as above. Note my height(H) is .14cm as I have increased by line width to help you see it. your line will probably be .04 ish depending on how thick you want it, but .14cm is quite thick.

Okay, one line drawn, and it goes over the page, do not worry about this, the next one will as well.
make a vertical line from point 0,0 to 0,75cm. I run a line using the " Bezier curves and straight lines tool" (don't worry about the name yet)

bezier curves and straight lines tool

and then I would click on the "select and transform objects tool" and look at my co ordinates.
The pattern drawing requires that I have a vertical line that goes up for 75 cm, so my co ordinates should be, again don't pay much attention to my W co ordinate, thats a very wide line as you can see it in the screen shot below.

This is what you should see know (the page size is 14%) so everything is visible. We will be working at 50%+ and you will only see p art of the pattern from now on.

If you check the pattern the next line is horizontal across the top for 60cm. Using your bezier curve and select tool draw this line. Your should now have something like below. However I know from experience you may be having problems by now. It does get easier with practice.

So you are 'perhaps' getting the feel for ink scape a little?

Okay from here on in  I'm ramping up the technology and going to vids. Okay not the greatest vids you will ever come across as I kept getting cut off in mid sentence but they will suffice, and I apologise unreservedly for the sniffing, I have hay-fever at the moment, we have macrocarpa trees around our place and the shed yellow pollen at this time of year, which is annoying to say the least.

And now, oh so annoyingly the vids will not upload. So I have uploaded  them and posted the links here.

P art One
P art Two
P art 3
P art Four

These are 10 minute vids. I probably talk to much and should edit them down as there are 4 + which I will post tomorrow. So I guess you will really need to want to do this, to watch all of these. I hope some one does!

Part 3 here

Regards Liz