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Baby contraption

Okay this baby is not my baby or any relation, he/she is cute as a button and the gear he is wearing, I take it his Mum made, is cute as well. I just snatched the picture from the fabenmix site, and perhaps I should not have, but  I was curious about the contraption he was in.
He does not look the slightest bit bothered about it, he actually looks positively happy about it.

 Do you know what its for? 

I got it, its attached to his changing mat and it holds the babys legs up out of the way, while his/her bottom is being cleaned. Very continental, makes sense. Reminds me of stirrups. Not something I would invest in however. But the Mum has used the device to hold him in position while she took his photo. Can't fault that thinking, just visually a little different, a wee bit like seeing toddlers on those leashes.harness.