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Finally we are all clean and I did not toss all my toys out of my cot

but yes, I felt like throwing a hissy fit.

Yep, been hacked, found it on Monday, a link scam. So I have torn up a few posts trying to get rid of it, so if you see odd spellings gaps in words that should not be there, that's why. I will work my way through over the next little while fixing the collateral damage.

How, a bad link which I found using this handy site

I had one, read it one link that was not "no follow". I had not really considered the no follow thing that important. I now know its kind of important.
Google says:

"Here are some cases in which you might want to consider using nofollow:
  • Untrusted content: If you can't or don't want to vouch for the content of pages you link to from your site — for example, untrusted user comments or guestbook entries — you should nofollow those links. This can discourage spammers from targeting your site, and will help keep your site from inadvertently passing PageRank to bad neighborhoods on the web. In particular, comment spammers may decide not to target a specific content management system or blog service if they can see that untrusted links in that service are nofollowed. If you want to recognize and reward trustworthy contributors, you could decide to automatically or manually remove the nofollow attribute on links posted by members or users who have consistently made high-quality contributions over time."
What did the spammy links look like?

 It was one link that I had put on my site that wast not no follow. It was a link to Wikipedia. How the spamming actually works, I have no clue.

Regards Liz