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Pinafore patterns ~ grow them

Little girl pinafores are cute and easy to make and form a staple of many toddlers wardrobes and there are heaps of patterns out there for them. One thing I have begun to notice is that the shoulder straps/  tie downs, (for want of a better names for it), are never very long.
 The grey drawing above, is the standard presentation for a pinafore pattern. The blue is my suggested change, just lengthen out the strap. Normally one button would be fixed on the end of the tie down, in my suggested change there are three. This enables the pinafore to be adjusted to lengthen the garment and give it a longer wearing life.

If placement of the buttons is on the back strap/tie and the button hole is on the garment, the excess tie/strap will be hidden under the front of the pinafore giving the same look when being worn.

A small change could see your lovely pinafore lasting through 2 sizes or more for your daughter, what do you reckon!!!

I'm not sure why so many patterns do not use longer straps, maybe its a fashion thing?... Yeah nah, I don't think so, surely not... More than likely, like me,  ( as I have been known to make them with a short strap and one button), it just a thing you don't think about it.

It is an easy change to make, I would just draw out an extension on the back strap, following the lines of the original pattern.

Its a thrifty thing, saves time and money, and it's a small thing to do for the planet, lengthening the useful life of a garment.

What do you think, are you happy to give it a go? Are there are other  simple changes to garments that increase there life, without resorting to needle and thread?

Kind Regards Liz

PS. Would you consider making your own patterns? see my thoughts on selling childrens blocks

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