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Planning my wardrobe around as it turns out a just a couple of patterns!!!!

I was wondering what to post, as I have nothing on topic to discuss at  the moment. On a personal level I have neglected my own personal wardrobe, and have been pinning and thinking about the things I want to run up for myself.

One pattern that is gratis (free) is over on (its on my side bar). I made it last year, it's an easy make and the ladies at schnittquelle (schnitt is a pattern) have pictures if you need guidance on how to put the dress together. Okay the pattern pieces are in german but it does just consist of back, and front bodice, skirt front and back and sleeves. Easy peasy.

Here is the link to the pattern  and the tutorial

I made this version last year. I found the neck line quite wide so, I recut it with the neck line narrower more coverage over the shoulder.
I notice that the schnittquelle ladies have modified the pattern since, and I will probably modify the pattern to get the same affect this time around.They have rounded the bodice pieces and the top of the skirt which is pretty simple to do.

Then I was considering the LBD on  Vera Venus. 

It does not come in my size, but its an easy garment to grade up. its cut on the bias which is a good shape for me. I am to short for gathered bodices. They make me look even shorter and squarer. Not a good look. I probably will not download the pattern; I will just use the schnittquelle, cutting the skirt on the bias and modifying the skirt top and bodice top.

Onion patterns, now this pattern is not free, but last year when the German bloggers were all making and totally in love with this pattern, and I became a bit obsessed myself. Because I couldn't buy it, ( I think its available now on Banberry place), I figured out how to do the twist myself, as you do! And last year I made it using a pattern similar to the schnittquelle pattern, and cutting out the neckline a bit and reversing the bodice pieces.

Reversing the bodice pieces?
Here is my explanation

My last make will be the good old apron top this one is from Fatimas other blog you can literally knock out these in an hour. They go well on there own or over a tee/ tank to dress them up a bit. I always think they look better in vibrant colours and the fabrics need to be on the thin side rather than thick. Fatima has not given a measurement for the armhole, I'd just measure myself from the middle of the back of my neck around and under the arm pit to the middle of my back plus say 2" for ease.

if I get all that done I will be doing very well.

I hope I might have given you some ideas for your own wardrobe.

Kind regards Liz