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Testers wanted-Girls and Baby Tights 6 months to 7 years (72-122cm) -

I have a pattern for the "Kate Tights" which I am putting out for testing. Kate is my granddaughter and I have made lots of tights for her.

If you would like to test this pattern for me just either email me on annaliz_webster at slingshot dot co dot nz or leave me a contact address and I will be in touch.

The tights pattern is simple and takes probably 10-15 minutes to make up. The pattern is for 50% 4 way stretch fabric(50/50), and should result in a snug fitting pair of tights.
I give directions in the pattern when  making up a pair of tights when the stretch is not 50/50, to measure the fabric and select the correct pattern size for your child. The method is intuitive and does not involve any maths, just stretching and measuring and comparing to the pattern measurements.

This tights pattern differs from leggings patterns for children in that they fit snugly, they are very reliant on stretch, for the snug fit, so the pattern pieces maybe smaller than you are used too.

This pattern is fairly complete so it will have full instructions so I am happy for anyone at any level to test it.

What do you get for testing?
At the end of testing you will get a full complete updated copy of the pattern
My enduring thanks
You do not need to be a blogger or have a website. If you are, there is no requirement to blog about your experience, you may if you wish, but its up to you.
You do not need to provide photos, just feedback on how well the pattern sewed up and fitted for you, any improvements you think should be made to the pattern or instructions.
Should you wish you photo to be featured, I will gladly do this, but its not a prerequisite.
You don't need to have any particular equipment although for this pattern, but you do need at least a zigzag stitch.

Questions you may have:
  • I don't have any 50/50 stretch, but I have a 20/10 or another ...?
Yes, have a go. I can't say you will be 100% successful but you should be pretty close.
  • How do I do to test? 
For me, this means you make up a pair of tights, if you have problems, email me or skype or some such and hopefully we can sort it out. At the end of your make, you tell me how you found the pattern, - instructions, fitting PDF together, sizing and any problems, and over all fit of garment.
  • Do I need to have a particular level of sewing skills?
No particular experience level is required, and you don't need to have tested before. But I can't teach you how to sew. So you will need to have sewn something before.
  • Do I have to make a set size?
No, given the fabric and stretch fit, you could find yourself making a size 1 for a 3 year old or a size 5, depending on stretch you are using.
  • Are there a set number of testers required?
No, I don't have any set number of testers in mind. I' be pleased to get one or 2. The only thing that might make me limit the number is the number of questions or queries.We will see how we go.

  • What is the time period/ Deadline?

I know we should have them, I know its still the season of too much to do, and not enough time with most in southern hemisphere in holiday mode.  Probably 2 weeks from when I send you the pattern PDF, which will be on Wednesday  14th January.

If you can't finish or start for what ever reason, we all know things come up, that's fine, its not a biggie.

Just one other thing, to all those antipodeans, ( those of us living south of the equator). Its hot, and the beach is so inviting. I know I have been begging and bribing my live model to put the tights on. My mannequin is so much more compliant. So long story short, I don't expect you guys to put your hands up for tights at this point. There is no point in making something that can't be used now. Unless you want the tights for something?

Anyways, I will be offering a free pattern to the first 10 people to respond to my blog post when I issue it for real, so get one then and keep it for later.

Thank you for you time
Kind regards Liz

Happy new year to all out there - anyone up for testing tights?

Yes a very Happy 2015 everyone in blogland


I have been missing, but working. The project took all my time and part 2 needs to start in Feb, so until then, I'm all guns blasting as they say.

I have 3 patterns to be tested, all of which are a little different. I am not sure how to get them out to test, I have done a little espionage (spying) and it seem lots of people get you to fill in forms. Not sure why? Not sure I like the officalise of it all. Last time, which was along time ago, I contacted the ladies on the nappy network and they did a sterling job. That network seems to have all but died. But I will put a note out to them.

Anyways, the first pattern is baby/girls tights (6 months to size 7). Given the hot weather in NZ, I doubt people here will fall over themselves to test that one. I use a method I call measuring your fabric to get the size of the pattern you need, to get the fit of tights as distinct from leggings or footed pants.

The second is a girls dress/ tunic 1-7 sizes. This tunic is an easy make, its style is 1920s. I have a thing about that period at the moment. The dress is made in 2 parts a dress or tunic out attached to a slip, which can be adjusted to lengthen or shorten the outside tunic. 

As always I take the whole pattern making thing one step further (probably to far) and there is a stencil/transfer on the dress, which you can add, to give it a truly unique look. 

It's a doddle to make, my test samples are hanging on the line as my dearest did not believe the ink would not run, or fade, so I threw them in with his washing his morning, to prove it. He was a bit perturbed till the cycle completed. Yea of little faith.

The third pattern is a pair of pants unisex, the pants legs a close fitting, and  have adjustable leg length and and elastic and ribbed waist, which can be extended as a child grows.

Anyways the tights are pretty much ready for testing, should anyone wish to test this pattern, just drop me a line, and tell me a bit about yourself. I have no idea of numbers, I kind of lie the idea of a free for all at this point. I guess I will need to make a a few guidelines. Ewgh...

Kind regards Liz