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Happy new year to all out there - anyone up for testing tights?

Yes a very Happy 2015 everyone in blogland


I have been missing, but working. The project took all my time and part 2 needs to start in Feb, so until then, I'm all guns blasting as they say.

I have 3 patterns to be tested, all of which are a little different. I am not sure how to get them out to test, I have done a little espionage (spying) and it seem lots of people get you to fill in forms. Not sure why? Not sure I like the officalise of it all. Last time, which was along time ago, I contacted the ladies on the nappy network and they did a sterling job. That network seems to have all but died. But I will put a note out to them.

Anyways, the first pattern is baby/girls tights (6 months to size 7). Given the hot weather in NZ, I doubt people here will fall over themselves to test that one. I use a method I call measuring your fabric to get the size of the pattern you need, to get the fit of tights as distinct from leggings or footed pants.

The second is a girls dress/ tunic 1-7 sizes. This tunic is an easy make, its style is 1920s. I have a thing about that period at the moment. The dress is made in 2 parts a dress or tunic out attached to a slip, which can be adjusted to lengthen or shorten the outside tunic. 

As always I take the whole pattern making thing one step further (probably to far) and there is a stencil/transfer on the dress, which you can add, to give it a truly unique look. 

It's a doddle to make, my test samples are hanging on the line as my dearest did not believe the ink would not run, or fade, so I threw them in with his washing his morning, to prove it. He was a bit perturbed till the cycle completed. Yea of little faith.

The third pattern is a pair of pants unisex, the pants legs a close fitting, and  have adjustable leg length and and elastic and ribbed waist, which can be extended as a child grows.

Anyways the tights are pretty much ready for testing, should anyone wish to test this pattern, just drop me a line, and tell me a bit about yourself. I have no idea of numbers, I kind of lie the idea of a free for all at this point. I guess I will need to make a a few guidelines. Ewgh...

Kind regards Liz