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Warning sewing pattern for girls fake embroidered blouse

The fake embriodery apron top
I have had to be absent from this little corner of the world for some time, which is tragic, but ho hum these things happen.

I have a lot of half finished projects, which I need to complete and get out there, a couple of things that I did get finished were my faux embroidery items. I call it faux embroidery, its similar to Marc Jacobs Trompe l'oeil, well  " similar" I think Marc Jacobs design might have issues with that claim, lets say inspired by.

Litte Marc Jacobs Trompe L'oeil inspiration

Anyways I thought calling the effect Trompe L'oeil was a bit fancy for what I was doing so I just call in Faux (as in fake).

I quite like the effect, I quite like drawing on fabric, it seems quite deliciously wrong.

The collar is inspired by the the 1920-1930 fashions I have been looking at over the past... long time now.  To me this period of children s clothes is simple. Simple colours, styles and decorations. The zip pocket is an addition. You can add it in of leave it out, that is up to you.

My fake embroidery has been penciled on first and then inked in with my trusty sharpie. In the photo above you can still see the pencil lines I original drew from the light box image. These marks wash out, I just haven't washed this item.
I add the design at the point where the blouse is being cut out. I transfer the pattern using a really basic light box. We have a couple of  glass topped tables in our house, for some reason I must favour them, and the are very handy as light boxes. My favorite place to convert into a light box is in fact our coffee table. Here is a picture of the conversion. Its just a light bulb on a lead resting on the book shelf in the coffee table. Easy.
The pattern for this top includes the fake embroidery pattern on it. So placement and sizing is not an issue. The blouse pattern front is a full pattern piece rather than a half with direction to place on fold because it is easier to copy the complete embroidery from the full pattern piece rather than a half.
Here is a copy of my pattern file with the embroidery placed on the pattern.

While you can ink the crosses on without using an embroidery hoop, I have found that an embroidery hoop makes it a lot easier and the inking is more even. So it is worth that extra effort. So I'd highly recommend an embroidery hoop of some kind.

The blouse pattern itself is quite basic, but I don't think there are many patterns for a back opening apron blouse. I might be wrong here. but hey. So being an apron style it crosses over at the back and has no closures. This photo is of an early version of the pattern, you will notice that I used bias binding at that stage to finish off the garment. The garment is now lined and there is no bias binding.

Why did I take the bias out, well seam allowance where one issue. With bias the seam allowance and the sizing around where the bias is placed is different. So for me its and either or, but not both. And lining is easier quicker and neater over all than bias to my mind.
If you want to use bias binding on this pattern I would suggest that you take out the seam allowance of 5/8ths of an inch all together and the side seams would be sewn up before the bias was added, rather than last, as with the lining option. 

An apron blouse sizing  is a wee bit free, in that its not exact and I guess that is the bonus with this style. The blouse width will just settle into the childs sizing by shrinking up, or expanding out. The length is designed to be just over the waist, but longer in the back. If you want the blouse longer lengthen the pattern for front and back just under the arms cycles.

I hope you love this little blouse as much as I do.  I have up loaded this pattern to esty and am selling it for $6.99, however I have 4 copies to give away. Please just leave me a comment to go into the drawdraw.