Sew grow clothes designed to grow with your children and last more than one season. Vêtements pour se transformer en. Ropa para crecer en. Oдежда для выращивания в. Kleidung hineinwachsen.

Everyone likes free

I have been pondering my direction and what to do with my patterns and ideas, and I have decided to make my patterns freely available here.

I will continue to develop patterns
and see how things develop.

Free sewing patterns by growclothes for download

Warning sewing pattern for girls fake embroidered blouse

The fake embriodery apron top
I have had to be absent from this little corner of the world for some time, which is tragic, but ho hum these things happen.

I have a lot of half finished projects, which I need to complete and get out there, a couple of things that I did get finished were my faux embroidery items. I call it faux embroidery, its similar to Marc Jacobs Trompe l'oeil, well  " similar" I think Marc Jacobs design might have issues with that claim, lets say inspired by.