Sew grow clothes designed to grow with your children and last more than one season. Vêtements pour se transformer en. Ropa para crecer en. Oдежда для выращивания в. Kleidung hineinwachsen.

The philosophy of grow clothes

The name Grow clothes describes what the clothes do in a somewhat straight forward to the point manner. I think this sort of describes me and my philosophy in life and the things I make and do.I like the concepts of make and mend, I like practical things, I like economy, I hang in to things for ever and I think I have always been a bit of a hippie, except I have always disliked tie die.

Grow clothes are me, in that the philosophy of the clothing reflects me. These go from the simple to the grandiose, bear with me, I sometime think I'm on a mission, when in reality I'm just sitting at by dinning room table pontificating.

That all the materials used in a garment are reclaimable for example buttons, domes, zips.

That the garment can be made from reclaimed materials. Fabrics will mostly be woven cottons, unbleached calico (known as muslin in US), reclaimed woven wools or stable knits (cotton, wool) purchased at various 2nd hand or charity shops and factory ends. The guide will be can it be made on a straight sewing machine.

I will always make one sample of each item of clothing from an old fabric item to illustrate recycling

That garments made with grow patterns do not require any special equipment other than a sewing machine with a straight stitch.

That the patterns are at least 2 sizes in one or 2 years growth. Grow sewing patterns will produce a garment that will grow with your child and outlast store bought clothing or clothing made from usual patterns.

That the patterns will always be print at home, and where a print of a pattern becomes large, that the size / arrangement of the pattern allows the user to print only that which they want. Grow patterns will not be delivered in hard copy, as I can not justify the resources used to deliver paper around the country or the world when in can be delivered digitally. I will supply a digital copy of the pattern to print in A3, or sheet, that can be printed at a copy shop. The default delivery will be A4.

That the patterns will be simple

I would like to see people demand changes in the clothing they buy their children, specifically with respect to the plethora of sizes, which serve no purpose but to aid, convince, confuse and encourage consumers to buy more hopefully these patterns will be popular or give people pause for thought and mothers will demand manufactures consider a growth factor in their clothing designs, and reduce the cost of clothing children overall to parents.