Sew grow clothes designed to grow with your children and last more than one season. Vêtements pour se transformer en. Ropa para crecer en. Oдежда для выращивания в. Kleidung hineinwachsen.

Pull on baby boots free pattern

Here is the Pull on Baby Boots Pattern. There is no Tutorial, and the barest of instructions, basically its a wysiwyg!!!!!

Made this week- Pull on baby boots

Size 11 cm , made from recylced woolen blanket, pattern my own.

Kinda pleased with the results.  Was quick to make, fully lined, and cut on bias to allow stretch opening. Elastic around the heel to assist the boots to stay on. Contrast toe piece.

Wear them long

 or wear them rolled down

Above is a second version, which is very girly and I like better.

If anyone is interested in this pattern I could draw it out in PDF, just let me know.

Cheers Liz

Grow tucks or pleats in your childrens clothing - respectable acceptable, or a stigma and a blot on your character.

Grow pleats Stigma?

Is there a stigma in having a long hem, or putting a tuck in here or there in your children's clothing? 
How much hem is to much?


Does the fade or wash mark left after a hem is let out, cause a child to be ridiculed and marked for life as "that poor child with the grow pleat" or "that  child with the hem mark". 

Will the family stigmatised, the family name be besmirched should a hem be let out in a household? 

Does it just look hard up and in need? 

Surely not!

Do you even know what I'm raving on about?

Hats three ways

This week while continuing to work on my patterns, I also continue to amuse myself with other stuff, (read continued on with Bristols winter  wardrobe). I had seen a lot of  "hats" as distinct from beanies on the internet, so I  picked three and made one of each.

The first one which I have named the "Navigator" (after that film the Navigator by Vincent Ward.) as the hats creator didn't give it a name as such, ( "up cycled boys hats" ) Cheeky ae?!?

The Navigator  looks okay, it got the thumbs up from Dave.

I made it from scrap sweat shirt knits and fleece and the red and white knit  has zero stretch, so I reckon it will fit like a helmet rather than a hat.

I pinked the raw edges on the binding and hand sewed the binding to the hat, for a rustic look and pinked a couple of circles for the  thing- a- me-gig on the front.

An Amazing sewist and personality-just magic

I fell upon Jan of  janssewingsolutions one night when I was browsing the internet, you tube to be exact! She is an amazing sewer and cutter and the way she does her videos, is very casual. You are drawn into her workshop, to watch listen and learn. I swear if you want to learn to sew, watch and listen to her. 

Here is one of her videos where she cuts out a girls dress, there is another videos on how to put it together, she actually has literally thousands of videos on you tube and on her website and I find her inspirational. She makes me want to get up and sew something now!

What I have been working over the last week

Bristol my granddaughter is visiting from UK next month and its all hands to the pump to get a wardrobe together for her while she is here. As while the UK is in summer, we of course and in mid winter. She's 8 months old, 9 months by the time she arrives and of course she has no appropriate clothes to wear!

Shes only here for 4 weeks, so I have been sewing up a storm sending her Mum samples for size, so that I can sew the rest up to be ready for when she arrives. So this is a what I have been sewing post.

Maddy skirt -the all free Tutorial and pattern 8 months to 2 years

The Maddie Skirt is an easy sewing project. 

 But easy does not mean boring, mix it up with applique, laces, and colour. Make something that she can wear for a couple of seasons!!

Feel free to help yourself to the Pattern and the Tutorial and whip up a few skirts for you little one this weekend, from stuff you have just lying around.

Levana factory shop Levin specials 1st Saturday of every month

Unfortunately I can not attend as we will be on our way to Opanake to attend a wedding.

But its a great opportunity to stock up for the month, their specials are really special (and I am not being paid to say so).


Levana Factory Shop Saturday Opening

Saturday June 7th 9am-1pm

  • 50% off remnants
  • End of roll specials - while they last!
See you there
36-38 Cambridge Street South, Levin
06 366 0820

Cheers and have a lovely weekend, I hope lots of people make my Maddie skirt, which comes out tommorrow.

Duh to me as I'm away , but she'll be right.

Cheers Liz 

P.S. if you missed this Saturday, email levana and get put on their email list for reminders

Coming this weekend ... Maddie skirt

Completely free tutorial and free pattern to download. 

A great pattern for new sewers and anyone wanting to use up scraps. 


Is a genuine grow clothes item, it will lengthen.


Here is a sneak peek through the wip blur.................





See you on Saturday

cheers Liz