Sew grow clothes designed to grow with your children and last more than one season. Vêtements pour se transformer en. Ropa para crecer en. Oдежда для выращивания в. Kleidung hineinwachsen.


my mother is dying and she will pass shortly. She has had Alzheimer's, a sad disease which takes away the person and often, sadly divides families in a way that other diseases do not.

I am not sad, as Mums passing will be a happy release for her, and she is seemingly unaware of what is happening to her. Its been a journey of five years for us, traveling this rickety rocky path with Mum. There have been good times, (yes there can be good times) and truly bad times, and I don't regret the decision we made to look after Mum at home. Thank you Dave for coming on this journey with me and supporting me. Thanks to Albert and Amy for your support.

To anyone making this journey themselves I can highly recommend as being an excellent source of information  and support for everyone, anywhere. They saved my sanity a number of times over the years with information and support, never judging as I ranted and raved about the injustices or theorised as to why this or that happened. These people know Alzheimer because they have Alzheimer's, or have looked after someone with it or are in the midst of looking after some one.

The link is on my blog list.

Kind regards Liz

Blog pause

My Mum is very unwell and my attention has to go in that direction just at the moment

Cheers Liz

Made this week- coats and hats

When you come to New Zealand at this time of year you need coats and hats. So I made coats and hats for our little girl who starts her New Zealand visit in Christchurch on the South Island and then moves up to the North Island for the rest of her trip.

First a vest made from recycled blanket - pattern mine

The vest has a Peter pan collar with collar separating front and back.

Toggle and button closure, with 2 pockets, for decoration

Awgh, nothing do with sewing and patterns today, our little Bristol is about to arrive

Yep little Bristol 8 months old, is coming home for the first time and bringing her parents. They have a long trip, pity they live so far away. Can't wait till they finally arrive. Unfortunately is cold, mid winter, so she will notice the change in temps.

Just talking to her mother reminded me to make the house baby safe, and looking around we have a bit of work to do in that area very quickly.

Cute as and coming home.....for a short visit

Just had to share my excitement

Cheers Liz

baby dribble catchers

Awgh teething, it can be one of the most miserable periods of a babys little life. Thankfully no one ever remembers it. But bibs, those sodden pieces of cloth draped around a babies neck are so neccessary to collect the dribble and keep clothing dry.

Some bibs are betters than others, in soaking up the wetness and staying good looking. I personally like the infinity scarf looking bibs, or dribble catches as I have called them.

I don't know if there are acres of patterns out there for these as I have not looked. I just played around with a piece of fabric till I got the size and shape I liked, and, I thought would look the best for the longest. And then I looked for fabric that had good absorbancy and drying qualities and can up with these.

All made from scrap fabric outer, and fleece cotton inner from a Levana factory off cut. I chose the fleece cotton based on the fabrics used in cloth nappies. If I had not had the cotton fleece, I would have used poly fleece. Both as I understand it have excellent moisture wicking properties. Just what you need in a dribble catcher. I used hook and eye closure, as these are reclaimable and recyclable. You could also use velcro as a closure or a button and hoop or snaps.

hook and eye closure